Lately, I’ve just been overwhelmed by how much I love those who are closest to me. I’m a blue-white personality, so I’m very emotional. The conversations I have with others are most fulfilling when they are one-on-one and meaningful. I cherish my friendships deeply.
Honestly, I think my friends get sick of me reminding them how much I value them. I just can’t help it, I’m a big cheeser.
So, this is a post dedicated to those I’m closest to . . . I want you to know that the love I feel for you bursts my heart.
A lot of the time, I want to tell you individually . . . but it doesn’t come out how I want it to, or I just give in to my fear of expressing it. Nevertheless, I LOVE YOU. I love you all for the individuals that you are. I love you for being yourselves–whether you’re a normal white sheep, a black sheep or especially a green sheep. Thanks for your friendship/family-ship!