Life in the Fast Lane

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Inspired by my good friend, Little K, I’m sharing one of my many moments of stupidity:

Once upon a time I was a bad driver–well, much worse than I am now. I’m an impatient person intent on getting my business taken care of ASAP.  It’s taken a while to develop the little patience that I have. Of course, you should use the appropriate lane for the speed you intend on driving. . . I’ll refrain from going off on this.

ANYWAY, I was cruising down State Street (oh, the joys of cruising State Street), music pumped up, sun roof open, I’m singing at the top of my lungs . . . being the true teen valley girl I didn’t want to admit I was– as if! That’s when I saw it . . .  tribal flashing blue and red lights reflecting in the rearview mirror, signifying I was in trouble with the donut eaters.

You know that sick feeling you get when you know you have done something wrong but you don’t want to admit it or accept it? Yeah, that thick feeling oozed its way into my veins with every jolted pump of my terrified heart. I pulled over, anxiously awaiting the condemning confrontation, mind racing as to what to say.

Panic turns crowds into mobs, robbers into murderers, intelligence into idiocy, and teenage girls into rotten little liars.

Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

Me: Uhm, no?

Officer: Much faster than what you should have been.

Me: Oh. . . uh, sorry. I’m still trying to get this stick shift down (inclining my head toward the manual transmission)

Officer: Uh huh.

He then proceeds to get my license and registration.

Officer: Well, I’ll be right back.

A few minutes later, the officer was handing me my well-deserved ticket. As he turned to leave, he added with all due sarcasm, 

“Hope you get that stick shift figured out.”

I was left to ponder the stupidity and lameness of my excuse.



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Shavasana is used in yoga for calming tension. I’ve found it to be very helpful at the end of a crazy day. I tend to have a hard time getting to sleep when I have things all jumbled up in my brain. This is a great form of meditation for soothing worries and letting go of stress. Here is a link to show you how.