It’s kind of hard to dedicate yourself to a blog when you are in college. Even with one class (and working full time) it can be hard to keep up. It’s even harder to want to keep up when you don’t know if people are really reading, or if you really have anything really interesting to share.
Anyway, as I mentioned, I’m working and doing school stuff. I’m also trying to keep goals every day, week and month. It can be quite the challenge.
Lately I’ve been reading articles while at work, trying to learn about art, politics, health, etc. I like art the most. Every artist paints a self-portrait (some paint various) in attempt to show the world how they view themselves. I tend to do that with my writing . . . not being very developed, I stick with what I know and my characters all reflect me in many ways.
I’m working on a short story right now in which the character’s name is Dhaifu, which means “weak” in Swahili. It’s sort of an exploration of personal weakness, but not an attempt to degrade myself. Instead, I’m trying to symbolize how we are made strong through coming unto and learning of Christ.
I have an institute teacher who constantly reminds us that there is a false idea among church members which states that humiliation = humility. So by putting ourselves down in front of others or in our minds, we believe we are being humble.
The truth is, we are just weak. We don’t have the strength that Christ has. Sometimes, or perhaps most times, we fight the wrong battles. We fight satan instead of letting Christ fight him for us, then we put ourselves down when we lose. Our Savior provided the Atonement so that we could have hope in Him, and not have to fight satan.
What I’m learning is what I can do personally to give my battles to Christ and the little things I can accomplish. It’s amazing how life can change when this happens.
I’ve gone off, as I always do, but I just felt like sharing that. It’s just one of those times where I needed to bear my testimony to anyone who’ll listen (or read).
The truth is, as long as we are trying–repenting when we mess up, reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, etc–we are worthy to be exalted through Christ. He makes up the difference and we are perfected in Him.